Pambuan Heritage Training Footage 2023

Join Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan as he shares his family art at the 14th Pambuan Heritage Seminar: Pamana Ni Lolo. Includes two full days of instruction in Solo Baston, Mano Mano, Knife, Whip, Sarong, and more. Participate and celebrate in this heritage of the Filipino Martial Arts, with Ama Guro Raffy!

Pambuan Arnis is a complete Filipino Martial Arts discipline that encompasses a spectrum of training from empty hand techniques, multiple weapon-based systems (sticks, knives, bull whips, and more), and disarms to entry points. It is a comprehensive system designed specifically to broaden your FMA training. For more information, see:

Interview with Ama Guro Rufino "Raffy" Pambuan
Empty Hand vs. Knife | Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan
Knife Technique 2 & Entries | Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan
Knife Technique 3 Entries & Disarms | Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan
Knife Grips & Tapi Tapi Drill | Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan
KINGS BLADE 2 Guro Raffy Pambuan

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