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Building Students and Qualified Instructors with Beginner through Advanced Training in the MAKTAN-FMA Curriculum


Doble Baston

Doble Baston (double weapon) training develops skills such as ambidexterity, total body coordination, rhythm and timing, and improved cognitive functioning. The MAKTAN Doble Baston curriculum is comprised of 7 levels.


Dumog (grappling) is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino Martial Arts. The MAKTAN Dumog curriculum is comprised of 7 levels and covers standing to ground grappling.

Mano Mano

Mano Mano (empty hand) combat training teaches both defensive and offensive skills, improves hand and footwork speed and agility, and adds flow for practitioners of other martial arts. The MAKTAN Mano Mano curriculum consists of 7 levels.


Garrote (stick grappling) teaches manipulation locks, submission holds and takedowns from close range used to tie up, restrain, or to finish off an opponent. The MAKTAN Garrote curriculum consists of 4 levels.

Solo Baston

Solo Baston (single weapon) training teaches focus, control, power and speed. Basic core body mechanics are intertwined with various footwork patterns while developing authoritative striking, quick reflexes and reactions. The MAKTAN Solo Baston curriculum is comprised of 5 levels.


Pananjakman is the Filipino art of low line kicking. These kicks are all designed to inflict pain, destroy an attacker's mobility or distract the attacker for an upper body strike. Kicks are done with the point of the foot, the heel and the shin. The MAKTAN Pananjakman curriculum consists of 5 levels.

Laban Laro

Laban Laro ("fight play") competitive full contact stick fighting promotes speedy reflexes and a relaxed state of mind - both essential during competition or actual combat - by practicing in a safe but realistic way. The MAKTAN Laban Laro curriculum consists of 4 levels.


Advance through the MAKTAN-FMA Online training modules at your own pace. Be among the first to access new material as it becomes available. Interact with instructors, and earn the right to request formal level testing when ready. You are also invited to join our weekly live stream classes!


The MAKTAN - Filipino Martial Arts program is a dedication to the Philippine legacy that reflects the variety of combative self-defense systems that Filipino Martial Arts can offer to the community.

Become part of a journey that strives to grow in the perfection of "your" martial arts through a common quest for physical fitness, broadening of the mind, and learn an authentic Filipino Martial Arts system. See more...

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