The Meaning of 'MAKTAN'

MAKTAN is derived from Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines where a historical event took place known as “The Battle of Mactan.”

This battle was fought on April 27, 1521 where the tribal warriors of Lapu-Lapu, a chieftain of Mactan Island, defeated the formidable Spanish sailors and soldiers during that era under the leadership of Portuguese sea captain and explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Today, Lapu-Lapu is honored as the “first” Philippine national hero to resist foreign rule and he is commemorated by a monument in Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.


MAKTAN Acronym Perspective:

(Filipino Word  •  English Word)
M - Mandirigma  •  Warriors
A -  Arnis  •  Philippine Martial Arts (Stick Fighters)
K -  Kapatiran  •  Brotherhood
T -  Turuan  •  To Teach
A -  Aralan  •  To Learn
N -  Nagagalang  •  With Respect (in Bicolano Dialect)

"Mandirigmang Arnisadores sa Kapatiran para Turuan at Aralan Nagagalang" – (Filipino translation)

"Warriors of the Philippine Martial Arts in Brotherhood to Teach and to Learn with Respect" – (English translation)

MAKTAN Logo Reflection:

The MAKTAN logo is the tribal depiction of two animal overlay with the MAKTAN scripted in Baybayin (Ancient Filipino Script):

The Philippine Eagle with its outline to the Philippine Water Buffalo's Head.

"Both animals are deeply part of the Filipino Culture with its respective presence that translates seamlessly in the Filipino Martial Arts styles."


The MAKTAN - Filipino Martial Arts program is a dedication to the Philippine legacy that reflects the variety of combative self-defense systems that Filipino Martial Arts can offer to the community. We are FMA practitioners coming from diverse martial arts backgrounds, united in our goal to pass along our collective knowledge and teach our acquired skills to others.


Join our tribe... visit our Training Shop to purchase online training modules, or email [email protected] for classes, workshops and events.


MAKTAN - FMA by Punong Guro Michael-Vincent Malanyaon

The MAKTAN-FMA program is led by Punong Guro Michael-Vincent Malanyaon. In the mid 2000's, Michael was awarded the Qualified Instructor for Taboada Balintawak and Punong Guro for MAKTAN - Filipino Martial Arts. He currently leads the MAKTAN-FMA program and teaches in Cincinnati, OH. In addition, he has humbly accepted to promote and teach the Baraw Sugbo (Arnes Diablo) from Grand Master Eduardo Ceniza and Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) from Tuhon Ray Dionaldo.

In 2017, Michael was awarded the World Balintawak International Master Instructor (WBI-MI) level by Grand Master Bobby Taboada. In reflection to this award, he will also continue the FMA Legacy of Grand Master Jorge Peňafiel (02/26/1942 - 12/08/2016) in promoting the Cincinnati Balintawak Club also known as C.B.C. in Cincinnati, OH. Punong Guro Michael-Vincent Malanyaon is joined by Guro Paulus Santos, Guro Adam Greenspan, Guro Kelly Miller, Guro Daniel Hutchinson, Guro Robert Grossman, Guro Jessie Santiago, Instructor Ed Cortez, Instructor Agusto Catalan, Instructor Alex Catalan, Instructor A.J. McGee, Instructor Mitch York, Instructor John Geottle, and many more MAKTAN-FMA Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Ambassadors and Practitioners across the U.S., Canada and Japan. (See also Interview by FMA Pulse"12 Basics, Interview Cuentada"; MAKTAN Instructor Bios; and the MAKTAN Tribal Community.)


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Through MAKTAN-FMA Online, we strive to broaden the reach, preservation and respect for Filipino Martial Arts. We would be honored to have you join our tribe and become part of our extended family. Whether you are new to Filipino Martial Arts, or are a seasoned practitioner looking to extend your skill set, our goal is to support and inspire your journey through our online programs.


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