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3 Months of Online Classes in Balintawak, Filipino Combat Systems, Defensor Method, Heyrosa De Cuerdas, MAKTAN-FMA Training Modules, and More!

Join our live stream classes held weekly by multiple instructors. Explore new and authentic Filipino Martial Arts systems to strengthen your arsenal of tools and become versatile in other FMA systems, with the potential to level test at your instructor's discretion.

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Class Schedule for September/October/November 2022

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5:00pm EST:  MAKTAN-FMA Doble Baston L2, Balintawak L2, and FCS Kali L1 with Guro Michael Malanyaon

6:00pm EST:  Heyrosa Eskrima De Cuerdas L2 with Guro Paul Rosales

8:00pm EST:  Balintawak L1 and MAKTAN-FMA Doble Baston L1 with Guro Jessie Santiago

6:00pm EST:  Defensor Method L1 with Guro Jason Brigham

8:00pm EST: Heyrosa Eskrima De Cuerdas L1 with Instructor Javier Monroy

[Please note:  Make-ups due to holidays or unforeseen events, and level testing dates will be available per each instructor's discretion. Additional fees may apply.]

Saturday + Sunday
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Class Descriptions

About the Instructors:

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Class Descriptions for Sept. - Oct. - Nov. 2022 (3 Month Program):

Sundays 5 - 6pm EST:  FCS Kali, Balintawak, and MAKTAN-FMA Training Modules

Guro Michael Malanyaon will be teaching FCS Kali Level 1, Balintawak Level 2 and MAKTAN-FMA Doble Baston Level 2:
FCS Kali Level 1 
• Basic Strikes
• Footwork training drills
• Building foundational eye and hand coordination
Balintawak Basic Level 2
• Control and Power of Balintawak 12 Basic Defense
• Footwork training to gain positional structure to build defensive stance while retaining power and speed
• Context of Shadow Fighting Forms 5 and 6
MAKTAN-FMA Doble Baston Level 2
• Learn the context of Sinawali in a closed chamber position
• Ambidextrous training that emphasizes corto to largo range
• Multiple footwork training
*Open to all practitioners of various experience levels. All practitioners that enroll will have an opportunity to be invited to level test pending upon the instructor's discretion.

Sundays 6 - 7pm EST:  Heyrosa De Cuerdas

Maestro Paul "Antoken Ako" Rosales will be teaching Heyrosa De Cuerdas Level 2. What you will learn:

• Speed and Velocity of strike training
• Tersia, Segunda, and Primera hitting
• Speed and Accuracy training with use of targets
• Instruction on the restricted and allowed striking areas with regards to sparring exercises
• Theory of Power, Focus, Reaction Force, Equilibrium, Breath Control
• Blocking purpose and Blocking concepts
• Footwork and Body Mechanics
• Hand/Bone Structure
• De Cuerdas Training:  Stick hand, Check hand and Fingers purpose
• Disarming Techniques:  Using the Stick, using Check hand, using Punyo
• Karenza
• Review of Airman level

*Open to all levels of experience. However, to test it is required to pass Airman level first. Airman students can test to level up (must be able to teach what is required to be an Airman). Essay required - topic will be given 1 week prior to testing.

Mondays 8 - 9pm EST:  Balintawak

Guro Jessie Santiago will be focusing on teaching the Basic Level 1 curriculum of Taboada Balintawak. What you will learn:
• 12 Basic Strikes in control
• 12 Basic Strikes full power (no control)
• Shadow Fighting forms 1 – 4
• Side to Side blocking (a.k.a. candlestick blocking)
• Power blocking
Additional emphasis on footwork and body structure. These are not required for testing purposes, but is supplemental training going forward. Each class will start off with a 15-20 minute general warm-up before focusing on the course curriculum.

*By the end of the session you should have a grasp of the basics of level 1. To test and be certified, it is required to pass all areas in level 1 as well as have the ability to teach and lead the level 1 curriculum.

Wednesdays 6 - 7pm EST:  Defensor Method

Guro Jason Brigham will be introducing the Basic Level 1 curriculum of Defensor Method of Filipino Martial Arts. What you will learn:
• Basic footwork (based on triangles, Silat, Muay Thai and JKD)
• Double Stick Warm-Ups
• Basic Punches and Combos
• Basic pad and mitt holding configurations (punching and kicking)
• Basic Kicks (Foot jab, side kick, cut kicks, oblique kicks, knees)
• DM 12 angles of attack (Stationary and Classical)
• Block, parry, check drill (Hubud Lubud) with 6 transitions

*By the end of the session you should have a grasp of the basics. To test and be certified, it is required to pass all areas in level 1 as well as have the ability to teach the level 1 curriculum.

Fridays 8 - 9pm EST:  Heyrosa De Cuerdas

Instructor Javier Monroy will be teaching Heyrosa De Cuerdas Level 1. What you will learn:
• History of HDC, history of Balintawak in relation to HDC, meaning of HDC logo
• Proper handling of the Stick (olisi)
• Open/Close, Wiper, Figure Eight, Circle (executed in defense and offense)
• Sinawali variations: Single-Single, Single-Double, Six Count, Six Count with Roof Block, Nine Count, Nine Count with Roof Block, Eleven Count, Eleven Count with Roof Block, Triple Lasso, Triple Flip, Tinikling, Tinikling with a Twirl, Evasive without a Block, Evasive with a Block, Butterfly
• 12 Target areas
• Coordination of feet and body movement

*By the end of the session you should have a grasp of the basics. To test and be certified, it is required to pass all areas in level 1 as well as have the ability to teach the level 1 curriculum. Essay required - topic will be given 1 week prior to testing.
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