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Take a look inside MAKTAN-FMA Online...

Wondering what our online system looks like, how courses are accessed and navigated? Take a look inside... (desktop version shown, but system has full mobile compatibility!)

It's Filipino Martial Arts training any time, anywhere! Join us online for training videos, online workshops, instructor coaching, level progression and more. Great for individual practitioners, instructors, and school owners. Questions? Contact us at [email protected]


In your MAKTAN-FMA Online subscription, you will receive...

  • New online training videos delivered directly to your personal Library teaching you Filipino Martial Arts techniques in Doble Baston, Dumog, Mano Mano, Garrote, Solo Baston, Laban Laro, Pananjakman, and more
  • Access to training any time, anywhere through videos courses hosted on our secure server. Courses are accessed through your Library and videos are broken down into easily navigable small sections – move through at your own pace, pick up easily where you left off, and track your progress!
  • Instructor support by contacting [email protected] and joining our Facebook groups: ( (
  • Opportunities to progress through levels by attending our live workshops and events, or through remote live stream sessions (to be discussed with your instructor) 
  • Bonus 1: Weekly live stream classes complimentary for members!
  • Bonus 2: Immersive Training videos for virtual paired training and 360 VR. Great for test prep, level review and solo training while simulating working with a partner!

Check Out Our Baraw Sugbo Courses by Grandmaster Ceniza!

Now available: Fundamentals, Doce Metodo (12 Methods of Disarming), and Doce Angulo (12 Angles of Attack). Baraw Sugbo is a Filipino martial art concentrated on unarmed knife defense. It is a comprehensive system designed specifically to disarm and survive a knife wielding attack.


Great Things are in Store for MAKTAN-FMA Online!

The MAKTAN - Filipino Martial Arts program is a dedication to the Philippine legacy that reflects the variety of combative self-defense systems that Filipino Martial Arts can offer to the community.

Become part of a journey that strives to grow in the perfection of "your" martial arts through a common quest for physical fitness, broadening of the mind, and learn an authentic Filipino Martial Arts system.


Join Our Tribe

Join our tribe and gain access to this unique Filipino Martial Arts system online for skill building and self defense, physical and mental conditioning, goal setting and level progression, that can be accessed any time, anywhere!